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     Dr. Samarpita Ghosh-Ray

"There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing"
Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda believed that  progressive changes in society is largely contingent upon women's status and  position. Swamiji upheld the importance of women's education and firmly affirmed their role  as the  builders and moulders of a nation's destiny. Swamiji  said that "all women have the potential to be strong courageous and powerful"
The noble and prolific reformative vision of Swamiji had its relevance  beyond its time and has inspired post Independence road map charted for women's education and empowerment in both Bengal and larger India.

The  foundational philosophy and inspirational motto of Vivekananda College for Women Barisha has been deeply  shaped by Swamiji 's views and understanding and resonates in its  current present; and it is  needless to say that Swami  Vivekananda 's philosophy is endemic to the institutional vission and mission- much beyond the inceptional ethos of this institution.

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta and aided by the State of West Bengal Vivekananda College for Women was   founded in the early years of  freedom as a nation building institution established in a conservative middle class enclave, then on the margins of the city. It has served as a lighthouse of women's emancipation and a luminous torch bearer for women's enlightening journey ,over a contiguous area and catered  to densely populated  hinterland of a large heterogeneous community for several decades.The college had a humble beginning in the outskirts of the city in 1961 and has traversed a long way since then. The traceable trajectory of this institution narrates the untiring  relentless  journey of attaining benchmarks of excellence and touching significant milestones of growth. The journey of this institution is discernibly marked by evolving and enhancing  qualitative transformation in  educational standards on one hand and steady  cumulative accretion in terms of infrastructural facilities and provisions on the other.

There are 17 undergraduate programme 2 post graduate programme 1 Research Centre for Doctoral Programme 110 teachers, an admirably large collection of books combined in its central and departmental library. Housing spacious well ventilated classrooms, laboratories, staff rooms and other utility facilities, the institution is enormously suited to learning and working within   safe clean protected and hygeinc surroundings.

Vivekananda College for Women Barisha besides academic practices have  a  milieu that has carefully nurtured  literary practices and  musical ambience. The auditorium and  the seminar halls continue to reverberate with music, song, dance drama, elocution, debates and scholastic deliberations .Our journal and magazine registers the intellectual quest and creative fervor  of our learners and teachers. Our academic calendar incorporates in its schedule adequate scope for co curricular training and development of students.

Vivekananda College for Women with a commendable aplomb has successfully completed two accreditation cycle of assessments by the NAAC in  2004  and   2016 with B+ + grade  respectively.

This college known to have a good  reputation  is an institution of distinction for its well sustained academic standards and is continued quest for excellence.The institution seeks to provide comprehensive and holistic development of young learners through a sincere fulfillment of  institutional commitment vis - a -vis curricular delivery and enabling students in capacity building exercises through co curricular training. Every department is adequately equipped with reading and learning resources and facilities besides having well trained ,  qualified and cordial faculty. The pedagogical practices of every department  is rigorous yet lucid and   illustrative and is at aimed at  enjoyable  experiential learning experiences. 
Syllabus completion, teaching with modern ICT facilities , mentoring practices, remedial classes and continuos evaluation of students and assessment of program outcome are some of the well sustained   teaching learning practices of this institution .

The college has a well endowed library with digital facilities for learners to explore. Open access and other digital facilities serves to enhance learning experience.

The institution believes in addressing the needs of every learner beyond pedantry and hence there are provisions to cater to all round development and well being of students. Physical fitness ,disciplining of the body and the mind , nurturing of creative faculties,  channelising innate talent towards trained expressions , instilling socio political consciousness are  the cherished virtues and  imperatives for a well rounded educational experience. Hence our institution seeks to fulfill the ideal of a wholesome learning experience through Sporting and Games facilities ,NCC, NSS, Yoga , Medical and Psychological Counseling, Electoral Literacy and Literary Club.

IT training and Career Counseling aims to guide and motivate students towards career building. Active liason and bridges are maintained with distinguished individuals, Organizations and groups that are relevant for targeted career building . Value Added and Add on Courses and co curricular training conducted regularly seeks to enhance employability and future prospects of students.

The institution seeks to provide congenial healthy safe hygeinc environment in addition to its academic ambience. A robust and responsive grievance redressal mechanism and a good canteen maintaining affordable pricing and hygeinc standards aims to provide a comfortable safe and assuring home like environment for the learning community.

The institution as a state aided college is committed in delivering devoted and  sincere services and assistance for enabling students to avail State Funded Scholarships and Schemes. Nodal officers and a team of administrative staff shall remain alert in dissemination of information and in guiding all potential beneficiaries of these state funded programs.

The institution celebrating its progressive onward journey as a distinguished higher educational institution is also eminently  well known as a secular liberal and progressive seat of learning .The institution upholds the ideals and virtues  of  honesty devotion integrity punctuality and discipline as its cherished guiding principles of six decades plus journey.

The institution steadfastly since its modest beginning has remained committed to its foundational premise of Womens empowerment and education and thus fulfilled its inceptional vision and agenda of nation building 
The institution is proactive in protecting and maintaining the Constitutional entitlements of its learning stakeholders by upholding the enshrined values of democracy liberty equality and justice.

The conducive and congenial leaning environment and physical ambience of this college  helps to foster and train   capabilities and potential of young learners and allow them to develop the spirit of criticality and  reflexivity and sharpen their competiveness and employable competencies.

Students are encouraged to grow, learn and  explore their talent and skills under the able guidance of dedicated team of teachers.

Our institution is an appropriate platform to raise young girls strive higher and dream big and even bigger.   The endearing atmosphere of the college renders all stakeholders  integral to this institution and these ties remain so beyond your years of training of students and services of its committed and sincere staff , both teaching and non teaching alike.The  stakeholders of this institution have   remained committed and loyal towards maintaining the rules and regulations and its much avowed  values and principles.

It is mandated and hence  binding upon all stakeholders to adhere and conform to the  rules regulations procedures and guidelines of the State of West Bengal and the  affiliating University i.e. University of Calcutta. The same are strictly maintained followed and practiced by this college as a State Aided College affiliated to the University of Calcutta. 
Successive generation of students are  known to have memorable moments and enjoyable learning experience in this college.

It gives me immense pleasure to write this note for the institutional website that opens out to a space that transcends boundaries of social political and other spatial divides and brings to fore the institutional details and its identity before a larger world . This also  privileges and enables a wider introduction and an elaborate cataloging of our  institutional ethos ,qualities, features, activities and parameters. Placing ourselves in this larger domain of education, in terms of the nation and the global, through these identity platforms gives us the motivation to excel beyond our present boundaries and the confidence to spread our wings.

Principal, Vivekananda College for Women, Barisha, Kolkata-700008