Added & value Added Course

Inculcating a Value System among Students


Although skill development is crucial to the success of students in the job market, skills are of less value in the absence of appropriate value systems. The HEIs have to shoulder the responsibility of inculcating desirable value systems among students. In a country like India, with cultural pluralities and diversities, it is essential that students imbibe the appropriate values commensurate with social, cultural, economic and environmental realities, at the local, national and universal levels. Whatever be the pluralities and diversities that exist in the country, there is a persisting concern for inculcating the core universal values like truth and righteousness apart from other values emphasized in the various policy documents of the country. 

The seeds of values such as cooperation and mutual understanding during the early stages of education have to be reiterated and re-emphasized at the higher education also through appropriate learning experiences and opportunities. Holistic development of students is the main purpose of curriculum. While this is attempted through prescribing dynamic and updated curricular inputs, the HEI is expected to have provision for added courses and activities which may not be directly linked with one’s discipline of study but contribute to sensitizing students to cross-cutting issues relevant to the current pressing concerns both nationally and internationally such as gender, environment and sustainability, human values and professional ethics, development of creative and divergent competencies. A progressive institution like us  provides a wide range of such “value-added’’ courses for students to choose from according to their interests and inclinations.