Best practices of the college

Our college has many best practices some of which are

 •         At the beginning of each academic session the Principal meets students of each department individually to get the feedback on teaching-learning infrastructure, learning resources and governance of the college. On the basis of feedback, she tries to take remedial measures. This has a positive impact on the functioning of College.  

  • Students take part in annual exhibition known as Vivek Mela‘ with vigour to sell their handicrafts and food stuff. This is of immense help to develop their entrepreneurship skill.
  • Widespread use of ICT in teaching makes the subject matter lively and comprehensive.
  • Compulsory library works for academically weaker students has been introduced to enable them to pass the final university examination.  
  • Students are counselled along with their parents during admission.
  • Open Book examination is introduced by the Department of Mathematics.
  • Guardians get informed of the performance of their wards at Parent-teachers‘ meet.
  • Restricted use of mobile phones in college campus has been long introduced.
  • Departmental reunions and feedback from the alumni has a positive impact.
  • Rabindra Charcha Kendra has been established by the Department of Bengali to inculcate the habit of reading the works of Tagore, our National Bard.
  • Free Medical Support 
  • Public address system and bulk text messages are used for important notification.
  • Segregation of bio-degradable and non bio- degradable was wastes is done in separate bins.
  • Celebration of ozone Day, Earth Day, Environment Day by students through seminars, lectures, group discussion, posters etc.