Important Notice

1. The students of 1st,3rd & 5th Semester are requested to follow the routine which will be implemented from 16/11/2021(Tuesday)

2. Classes will be held in both offline & online modes.

3. Without a mask no students will be permitted to enter the college premises.

4. Students should maintain the required distance.

5. Students are advised to carry their own sanitizer bottle though sanitization facility will be available at different places of the college building.

6. Students are advised not to leave their seats frequently unless an emergency occurs.

7. Wash your hands & use sanitizer properly after using wash rooms.

8. Wash your hands properly before taking food & don't share food with friends.

9. Don't come to college if there are any type of physical problems of you & your family members including fever,cough,nausea,sneezing,stomach upset etc.

10. Students are advised not to come to college if any family member is covid positive or having symptoms of Covid 19.

11.Loitering in the corridors/lawn/college gate/public road is strictly prohibited.

12. Should not have any visitor in the college.

13. Identity card going to be issued by the college shortly must be brought regularly.