Welcome to Vivekananda College For Women

Recollection is an essential ingredient of moulding the future. Thus history can never be effaced. Today, having achieved a certain level of academic, technical and cultural sophistication we look back to our humble beginnings. From a cozy, family set-up - a small place that was essentially a home away from home- the college has grown to become our pride and joy. Today as we stand at the dawn of a new millennium, certain memorable dates and events flash before our eyes that were milestones in the life of our beloved institution.


The present Vivekananda College For Women was first established as ‘Vivekananda College, Barisha’, in the year 1950, as an Intermediate College under the scheme for ‘.dispersal’ of ‘displaced students’ from Calcutta. For the first two years the College had no separate building. Classes were held in the west block of Barisha High School situated on the southern side of the present college building. From the time of its inception the last century saw the institution emerge from its cocoon of shabby-genteel parochialism and valorously take on the challenges of globalization. The road was long but never weary. Step by step the principals, teachers and staff one after another contributed their unflagging energies to help the college blossom.


In the middle of 1953, the present college building was founded on the northern side of the Barisha High School playground. In the year 1956-57 a degree college was set up in the same building at Barisha under the scheme for setting up of new colleges to prevent over crowding in the existing colleges as a result of a huge influx of displaced students from erstwhile East Pakistan, sponsored jointly by the Government of India, Ministry of Rehabilitation and the Government of West Bengal. Since the sponsored college did not have its own building, it was temporarily accommodated in the building of this Intermediate College.


Meanwhile, due to the soaring numbers of women students, a separate Morning Section was started in the College.

In the year 1959, the ‘Vivekananda College’ was shifted to the new venue of Thakurpukur, 2 to 3 kms further south along the Diamond Harbour Road. The girls’ section continued to be held in the old college building at Barisha, with a teacher-in–charge, under the supervision of Dr. Sushil Kumar Roy, the Principal of Vivekananda College. He was in charge of both units since a single Governing Body ran the administrative affairs of both colleges. A few more hurdles had to be overcome before Vivekananda College for Women acquired a separate identity.

In response to the local demand for a separate women’s college, as reflected in the gradual increase in the roll strength of the women’s section of Vivekananda College, it was decided that the section should be developed as an independent college under the special scheme for the development of women’s education (Third Five-year Plan). This new college, which was christened as VIVEKANANDA COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, Barisha, obtained affiliation from the University of Calcutta from the session 1961-62 in the following subjects to Pre-university standard: English (Compulsory), Bengali (vernacular), Elective Bengali, History, Elements of Economics and Civics, Logic, Mathematics, Commercial Geography and Geography.

It also obtained affiliation to B.A. Pass standard of the Three-Year Degree Course in English (general), Bengali (second subject) and in the following elective subjects: Sanskrit, Bengali, History, Philosophy, Economics, Political Science, Geography and Mathematics.

At the initial stage the Vivekananda College for Women had no Honours Course. All Honours and Pure Science courses were shifted to Vivekananda College, Thakurpukur. Nevertheless, destiny had in store for us an exciting future replete with the spice of adventure and profundity of self-discovery.

The first Principal of the women’s college was Late Dr. Ena Ghosh succeeded by Late Sri Nepal Chandra Mukhopadhyay. Next in line were Late Sm.Leela Mahmood, Late Sm.Bani Sarkar, Late Sm. Nandita Bhattacharya, Late Dr. Latika Basu, Dr. Jayasri Bhattacharya and the present Principal Dr. Soma Bhattacharya. The names of Sm. Sujata Biswas, Late Sm. Sunanda Sarkar, Sm. Monica Dasgupta, and Late Dr. Krishna Banerjee as interim teachers-in-charge of the college are worth-mentioning.