Department Of Mathematics :

The department of Mathematics was introduced in the year 1961, the same year in which the college was founded. Since the year 2003 the department has been offering honours course. Being a comparatively new honours department our trait is total care, total success.

Salient Features:

  • Special class for 3rd year students for post graduate entrance examination in different universities
  • Classes taken by using interactive soft-board
  • Seminars and special lectures on relevant subjects
  • Spoken English class to enhance job opportunities for our students.

Average Result: Satisfactory

Scope of Subject :-

Syllabus :-

SL No. Course Download
1 Honours & General

Teaching Staff :-

Biplab Bag
College Part-timer
Prasenjit Manna
Guest Lecturer
Susmita Dawn
College Part-time Teacher
Dr. Santanu Bag
Assistant Professor
Jishnu Sen
Guest Lecturer