Department Of English :

The Department of English has grown in size and stature over the years since its inception. With the introduction of the Honours Course in 2001, we have become a specialized department teaching English literature at an advanced level.

Salient Features: Students are encouraged to speak and write so that they are able to master the skills of oratory and writing. Apart from conventional classroom lectures, the department organizes seminars, discussions and interdisciplinary lectures at regular intervals.

All of our efforts have borne fruit as we have had a success rate of almost 100% in the Honours Course, with one student obtaining first class marks in the B.A. Part II Examination 2007.

Average Result: Satisfactory

Scope of Subject :-

Syllabus :-

SL No. Course Download
1 Honours & General

Teaching Staff :-

Dr. Arpa Ghosh
Associate Professor, Department in charge
M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
Dr. Sukanya Bhadra
Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Phil, PhD.
Suprodipta Mandal
Assistant Professor
Paulami Banerjee
Sudhriti Haldar