Department Of Anthropology :

Anthropology is a multidisciplinary subject related to Sociology, Archaeology, Geography, Psychology, Geology, Political Science, Economics, Human Biology, Genetics and also with Statistics.

The department of Anthropology was introduced in the year 1995 and has been offering honours courses since 2001.

Salient Features:

·         Seminars and special lectures on relevant topics of the subject.

·         GIS training (Geographical Information System)

·         Project works and field works on different tribal communities and economic groups in rural areas.

·         Students’ seminars and group discussion sessions for the benefit of students.

Average Result: Excellent; about 60% of the student secure first class marks.

Scope of Subject :-

Syllabus :-

SL No. Course Download
1 Honours & General

Teaching Staff :-

Ujjaini Basu
Govt Regularised Part time Lecturer
Soma Bhattacharya
Govt Regularised.,Part time Lecturer
Nivedita Som
Assistant Professor
Rupa Biswas
Assistant Professor